3rd International Conference on Smart Finance – ICSF 2018, July 7-8, 2018, Shenzhen, China
日期: 2018-04-11

The International Conference on Smart Finance (ICSF) is aimed to create a direct channel for industry leaders to connect and communicate with academic leaders on how to harness big data analytics in New Finance. ICSF 2017 was hosted jointly by the Center on Global Internet Finance, City University of Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen Business School. The ICSF 2018 will take place in Shenzhen, jointly hosted by the Department of Finance at the Southern University of Science and Technology, Center on Global Internet Finance, City University of Hong Kong.

We define Smart Finance as research and development in the intersection of business intelligence (big data analytics and data science) and new finance (P2P lending, crowdfunding, supply chain finance, and e-payment systems). The main objective of ICSF is to provide a much-needed platform for in-depth exchange of ideas and solutions among industry leaders, academic leaders, and government officials on how to harness Smart Finance.

ICSF sets its goals on promoting industrial best practices and government regulations in relevant business areas, on facilitating academic researchers to study industrial standards, theoretical advances, and educational frameworks, and on connecting industries and academics to identify and collaborate on unprecedented new opportunities. The conference will include typical conference components such as keynotes, planetary speeches, panels, and paper presentations that are either invited or submitted from researchers in universities and industries. Areas of research will include, but not limited to, big data finance, internet finance, and financial intelligence.

The conference program will be created based partially on the outcomes of various interactions in these platforms. For instance, panel sessions could be created on hot and potentially controversial issues surfaced in various social interactions.


We solicit both abstracts and papers from academia and industry.

Important Dates:

Position Papers submission: The submissions through Conferency system are open from April 1 to June 18, 2018. https://app.conferency.com/conference/all

(3-5 pages in the 2-column IEEE format).

Review decision will be sent before June 20, 2018.


The suggested topics are listed below (but not limited to):

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Best financial practices in big data implementation

  • Big data for corporate finance

  • Big data for financial risk management

  • Big data for portfolio analysis

  • Big data visualization for finance

  • Bitcoin and virtual money

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Complex analytics in big data

  • Data cleaning and quality management in financial applications

  • Financial supply chain

  • Fintech and its applications

  • Fraud detection in financial big data

  • Governance of big data finance

  • High frequency financial trading

  • Integration of structured and unstructured financial data

  • Internet insurance

  • Internet wealth management

  • Mobile payment technologies

  • Network analytics in finance

  • P2P lending

  • Predictive analytics in financial services

  • Risk management technologies and applications

  • Scalable cloud data for finance

  • Security control in big data finance

  • Time series trading data management and analysis

  • Privacy Preservation in financial big data

  • Quantitative trading 

Honorary Chairs

    ·         Susheng Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology)

   ·         Houmin Yan (City University of Hong Kong)

Conference Chairs

   ·         Jia He (Southern University of Science and Technology)

   ·         Fan Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University)

   ·         J. Leon Zhao (City University of Hong Kong)

Program Chairs

   ·         Kun Chen (Southern University of Science and Technology)

   ·         Raymond Lau (City University of Hong Kong)

Industrial Chairs

   ·         Daning Hu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shen Zhen))

   ·         Qin Ye (City University of Hong Kong)

Advisory Committee

   ·         Gang Kou (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)

   ·         Kar Yan TAM (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

   ·         Xin Yao (Southern University of Science and Technology)

   ·         Qiang Ye (Harbin Institute of Technology)

   ·         Wei Zhang (Tianjin University)

   ·         Weiguo Zhang (South China University of Technology)